Do you know that the Administration on Aging (AOA) also has very useful information on Planning for Long Term Care their website (http://longtermcare.gov) about long term care? I am sure that as a consumer, you have a sense of what you want, you have a sense of what you need, and you have a sense of what questions you want answered; so how do you navigate the system(s) to get the right information to meet your specific needs at a point in time?

Situations change, and needs change at different stages of your life as you grow older gracefully. The good news is that the information is there for you, lots and lots of information. The three website highlighted above are just three of several websites you will access to find the information you are looking for. The not so good news is navigating the websites sometimes becomes a challenge because of the volume of information. Also lots of people procrastinate in accessing long term care information and data until the last minute when they have an immediate need or long term care.

We are all practicing healthy lifestyles, so we justify the habit to procrastinate in planning for our later years. It is actually so wonderful and beneficial to spend time at the gym, or go for long walks, or exercise at home, eat healthy food, and work hard to maintain our healthy lifestyle. So why else do we procrastinate? People procrastinate for a variety of reasons, some procrastinate for cultural reasons, some for religious reasons, some for financial reasons, some for superstitious reasons, some for their own personal reasons. Whatever the reason, it is advisable to start accessing the information on the long term care websites, particularly when you don’t need to make an immediate decision right now. Accessing the information helps you understand what your options are, and what paths you may want to take when you get ready to plan for your golden years and for long term care.

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