Chris, Assoc Degree Nursing, RN

Chris, Assoc Degree Nursing, RN– “”

Nora Wellington is a very dedicated and committed Nursing Home Administrator, who I believe has a passion for helping people grow and attain their goals in life. You sit with Nora; her words always are, she believe in growth and self-development. Nora was a mentor to me when I was a Licensed Practical Nurse at a Skilled Nursing Center. She helped guide my career, and made sure I kept focused on my career while staying motivated to complete my registered nursing degree. She insisted that I read management and leadership development books and even provided some of the materials for me, as part of my self-development. I did receive a promotion in my career to Quality Improvement Coordinator and now as an Assistant Director of Nursing / Quality Improvement Director, and I have Nora partly to thank for that.
Nora is someone I will definitely recommend to anyone who wants to grow in their chosen career and get ahead in life. Her dedication to helping others is unquestionable and is something to be cherished.

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